Pavel Isaenko
Design Team Lead ・ ex Yandex, VEON, Ozon, Modulbank
Mentor, lecturer, author of the course and speaker
UK Exceptional Global Talent
Real-time app revenue analytics

Brand identity update preview
March 2024
Yandex 360
Yandex 360, an all-in-one virtual office with a broad range of services for efficient workflows: Mail, Cloud storage, Documents, Calendar, Video calls, Messenger, Notes ● 2022–2024
Yandex 360 identity and logo
The new Yandex 360 logo for both consumer and business represents a dynamic and vibrant symbol, reflecting the metaphor of satellites- planets rotating in the solar system. All Yandex 360 services, from Mail and Disk to Telemost and Documents, form a unified system for communication, data storage, work, and everyday tasks. Each service offers dozens of interconnected features, just like the rounded elements in our new logo. The color palette of the new identity showcases the technological nature of our solutions and their interconnection: orange symbolizes personal capabilities, digital lavender represents technology, and black maintains the strength of our B2B brand.

The new style will help Yandex 360 unite all its services not only functionally but also visually, ensuring that users understand they are joining a convenient and technologically advanced ecosystem of virtual services.
Start-up Briskly, the largest provider of autonomous retail technologies with an advanced digital ecosystem and various products: smart micro-markets, a B-Pay app for purchasing goods without queues, autonomous coffee points and much more ● 2020–2021
Introduced in October 2021, Briskly revolutionized the shopping experience with its innovative smart self-checkout cart designed for supermarkets and small stores. Eliminating the hassle of waiting in line, shoppers can now effortlessly scan and pay for items using their preferred method—be it card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay—right from their cart. Equipped with advanced machine vision technology, the cart accurately tracks item quantities, ensuring a seamless checkout process. What's more, this cutting-edge cart operates tirelessly throughout the day without needing a recharge, while also delighting customers with real-time promotions and discounts tailored to their basket contents
Modulbank, a FinTech company with an online banking platform with multiple products for small/medium-sized businesses: Modulkassa with Point-of-Sale terminals, Modul Accounting for automating bookkeeping services, and Modulmoney — a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs ● 2018–2020
BML is a German premium brand of men's clothing ● 2010–2017
Creating a seasonal advertising campaign, from initial ideas to post-production
A hyperlocal delivery service centered around community purchases. 'Vmeste' means 'together' and also conveys the additional meaning of 'in only one location' ● 2018
A minimalist brand offering everyday men's clothing through subscription ● 2018
Charter airlines with a Swiss accent: punctual, reliable, and focused on maximizing customer comfort ● 2013